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Events Beyond our Control

Party Animals Fancy Dress will not be held responsible for delays or failures to meet our obligations that have been listed if issues arise from a cause beyond our reasonable control. This does not affect the customer's statutory rights.

Delivery & Returns

Our delivery and returns policy can be found in the relevant sections of this site.

Fashion Lenses

By purchasing fashion lenses (or any cosmetic fashion accessory for the eye) from The Fancy Dress Website Ltd (trading as Party Animals Fancy Dress) you are agreeing that:

  • You do not suffer from any of the following:
    • Eye Infections (E.g. Conjunctivitis)
    • Any corneal condition (E.g. Keratitis)
    • Any allergic eye conditions (E.g. Hay Fever)
    • Any chronic eye conditions (E.g. Glaucoma)
  • You intend to use the fashion lenses for cosmetic colour change purpose only and not to correct any defect of sight or refractive error.
  • You will read fully the instructions and guidance for the safe wearing, removal and care of any fashion lenses bought, before use.
  • You will immediately remove fashion lenses if you experience any undue irritation, discomfort, excess watering or redness of the eye.
  • You will contact the helpline on 01507 463 320 should you require any assistance with your fashion lenses.
  • You understand the need for regular periodic check-ups with an eyecare practitioner.
  • You are aged over 16.
  • Your chosen lenses may offer different colouring results as to those shown in product imagery, due to your own natural eye colour.
  • You should not wear your chosen lenses for more than 8 hours at a time and that you will remove them before sleeping.
  • You understand these cannot be worn over or under any current contact lenses you may be already prescribed.

You acknowledge that fashion lenses are not classified as medical devices and are governed by the EU cosmetics directive; however, in the clinical opinion of the company's qualified ophthalmologist, they are only considered suitable to those with normal healthy eyes, who can confirm ALL 7 statements above to be true and accurate.

If you are in any doubt whatsoever as the whether fashion lenses are suitable for you please do not purchase these items or consult your own medical or eye practitioner.

Our Contract

Upon completing an order at you will receive an automated email confirming that an order has been received. The email will contain details of the order and your delivery details. As the email is generated automatically it does not mean that we have been able to meet your order. Should there prove to be any problems with your order you will be contacted our helpdesk using the contact details you provided when placing your order.


Upon despatch of your order an email will be sent notifying you of the goods despatched. On the rare occasion that an item is ordered and later found to be out of stock our helpdesk will notify you as soon as possible and verify if an exchange is required or alternatively a refund.

Pricing & Images

On rare occasions there may be an item on the site that is incorrectly priced. At our discretion we may dispatch the goods and refund any difference, or contact you and inform you of the price change, and verify if you still wish to order the product, or remove the item from your order, refund the appropriate value and notify you of the cancellation.

Product images are provides solely for a guide and cannot be relied upon for accurate colour matches/style of the final product, as such product colours may vary.


By placing an order with Party Animals Fancy Dress you consent to receive electronic communications from us. This does not affect your statuary rights.

Security and Encryption

Any personal information collected from the shopper at checkout is encrypted to the maximum strength supported by the shopper's browser using SSL before being sent to PayPal for instant payment processing. Party Animals Fancy Dress does not store your credit card information at any point, adding further security to your order information. We do however, store your name, address, email, telephone numbers and order information to allow us to complete your delivery.

Your information will only be passed on to a third party to obtain a review about our service and products or be used to tell you about our fantastic offers at Party Animals Fancy Dress (you may opt out of this service at any point). Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

Alterations to Terms and Conditions

Party Animals Fancy Dress reserve the right to make changes to the website our policies and Terms and Conditions without prior notice at any time.

Company Details

Party Animals Fancy Dress is a trading name of:

The Fancy Dress Website Ltd
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Registered company in England and Wales no.06449058